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NEW DIRECTION for Richmond – Knob Hill Community Association

March 05, 2018 8:34 PM | Anonymous

The Board of Directors of the Richmond – Knob Hill community association has set a new direction for the organization by landing a new strategic plan this past fall. Over the course of a series of meetings, the team looked at our current strengths and weaknesses, de- mographic make-up of our community and potential opportunities and threats, to determine a future vision for the organization and how best to achieve it. It was time to carry out this work, as the organization’s last plan was already out-of-date.

As part of the new plan, we also looked at and amended our Vision Statement – our new statement reads: The Best Place for Neighbours to Connect! The new vision sets a target future state for our community.

The core of the strategic plan focuses on three key ar- eas which will make us a better organization that better meets the needs of the residents of our community. The three areas we want to focus on are as follows:

  1. Improving our Governance – we want to improve how we work as an organization. Hence, we are look- ing to add more folks to our board of directors, im- prove director skillsets, sharpen our processes – in particular, a re-vamp of our volunteer management process.

  2. Improving our Programs – We want to ensure that the programs we o er residents meet their needs and not just what we “think” people might want. As a re- sult, we are embarking on some market research this spring – so look for a survey coming your way soon! Armed with this information, we can start enhancing our programs in future.

  3. Improving our Advocacy e orts – In uencing City of Calgary decisions on development and transporta- tion is an important role our Board ful lls. As a result, we see improving relations with our City Councillor and key City sta as an important area to focus on over the coming years.

Armed with this new plan, we are keen to move our organization and community forward. We are always looking for passionate people to assist in achieving our goals; if you should have an interest in joining us in de- livering on this new plan, please feel free to contact Pe- ter Grobauer at 403-246-2551 or peter-paul@telus.net for more information. 

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