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September 01, 2017 2:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

In early August, we learned the City of Calgary is in discussions with The Odeon regarding a request to install additional parking stalls on the northeast corner of 20 St and 33 Ave SW. The additional parking stalls are to be accommodated by narrowing the west sidewalk, narrowing the proposed centre median and narrowing the north and southbound bike lanes to 1.25m from 1.5m. 

Recent research has determined that typical North American Transportation standards require minimum 1.5 m bike lane width bordering parked cars and recommend wider if on a busy street. RKHCA has concerns with regard 1) safety of residents, 2) achieving the streetscape and walkability goals articulated in the recent Marda Loop ARP and 3) lack of public notification of changes to an approved plan following a year long engagement.

What do you think? Would you like to see parking stalls returned next to Odeon? Do you have concerns about the proposed width of the bike lanes? On balance, do you feel the proposed changes to the approved Bikeway plan are an improvement, neutral or detract from the general safety in this intersection for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians?


  • September 08, 2017 9:43 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Aug 31 update:

    Ronmor and the City have proceeded with amended plans to add 4-5 parking spaces next to Odeon along the 20th St BikeWay at 33rd Ave SW. The City Planning Department has committed to widening the painted bike lane to the 1.5 m minimum transportation standard, if possible. Either way, the area immediately north of the intersection has been made more crowded and thereby more dangerous for all.

    Here are a few simple safety tips:

    Use the ‘Dutch reach’ to reduce the risk of ‘dooring’ a cyclist. Reach around with your right hand to open the drivers door or left hand for the front passenger door. ‘Doorings’ can be extremely dangerous and sometimes fatal. Watch closely for cyclists when parallel parking or exiting a parking space.

    Cyclists are cautioned to ride minimum 1 m from parked cars to avoid the risk of dooring. We appreciate this is tough/impossible when your painted bike lane is 1.50 or 1.25 m from the parked car and you have passing cars on your left. Practically this means a ’take the lane’ strategy is may be the safest and requires an understanding motorist from behind. You might also consider an alternate route bypassing the area entirely.

    So, please please exercise caution when using this intersection. Let’s do our best to keep it safe for all users: pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.
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