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Musical Discoveries: FOR CHILDREN AGED  6 months to 5Years

Every Wednesday morning starting September 12th

Registration:  Musical Discoveries

In parented and un-parented classes our program teaches your little one about music.  

In an age appropriate setting we’ll explore through singing, instruments, movement and rhythmic activities, crafts and stories.  

Call Skye today at 403-619-7063.  

CAPOIERA CAMARÁ: brazilian martial arts

Kids: Tuesdays (4-8yo at 6pm - 6 to 14yo at 6:45pm) - Adults/Kids 16+: Tuesdays & Thursdays 8-9:30pm

Click HERE to Register

Capoeira Camará Calgary offers instruction in Capoeira, a form of martial art developed in Brazil over 400 years ago that combines self-defense with elements of brazilian culture, music, dance and acrobatics. 

Professor Frankenstein (Roberval da Silva) has been training capoeira for over 20 years, and has been instructing students in Calgary for over 8 years. ‘Frankie’ has traveled all over the world to perform, teach, and spread capoeira and now teaches dedicated students in Calgary Alberta.

line dance stampede: get ready to celebrate stampede 2017!

Every Wednesday  from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm or 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm 

Registration: contact Diane: (403) 470-9868 - Drop-ins $12/ person

Want to learn how to line dance? Or do you know how already?

For more info contact Diane at 403-470-9868 or visit the website at www.linedancestampede.com and learn about the instructor, sessions, payment, drop-ins and more.

Hope to see you on the dance floor!

FOXY KICKBOXING: We'll turn you into a knockout!

Every Monday at the RKHCA  hall - 6 PM

Click HERE to Register 

Okay – we get it. You don’t want to be the next Mike Tyson, and you certainly don’t want to break a nail. That doesn’t mean you can’t break a sweat and train in one of the most intense fitness disciplines.

Kickboxing will help increase fat loss, stress relief, flexibility, and self confidence. All around it just kicks ass. 

Foxy Kickboxing was created by women, for women. It is fun, empowering, and did we mention it’s an awesome workout? You will be sore and sweaty, but you will love it! 

Click HERE for more information. 

 COURTYARD33 NEIGHBOURHOOD ENGAGEMENT BBQ: proposed 6 story - 22m condo across from Petro-Canada on 33 Ave

SEPTEMBER 22  at the RKHCA HALL between 5:30 & 8PM

Learn more 

Local developer RNDSQR will be hosting a community conversation regarding its Courtyard 33 project, which is proposed to be a 6-storey/22m mixed-use development on the NE corner of 22 Street SW and 33 Avenue SW (across from the Petro Canada gas station), on September 22 at the RKHCA Hall. 

This will be a drop-in event open to all. RNDSQR looks forward to the night being a constructive opportunity for folks to explore project details, initial community input, and the project's progress to date among good food, beverage, and entertainment. 

RNDSQR will be bringing together key project expertise from architecture, planning, through to civil and transportation engineering to answer questions and hear feedback.

The RKHCA Development Committee encourages all those interested in the Courtyard 33 project to attend the event to find out more information and provide feedback. 

Walk-In Movie "CARS 3": St. Matthew’s United Church

September 23rd at 2035 26A Street


St. Matthews United Church is having a giant inflatable movie screen brought in, and is offering a FREE screening of the Disney movie "Cars 3". 
The event will take place outdoors; under the beautiful starlight sky with family, friends, and neighbours and you coming to share in the experience (indoors in the event of inclement weather). There will be snacks, food trucks, activities and games available starting at 6PM, with the movie screening at 7:30   

ward 8 Municipal election debate

September 30 at the Killarney hall - 2828 28th Street SW - 1:30 to 4:30 Pm

Registration - Reserve your free seat

1For the past 13 years Killarney has hosted a free, low key and informative debate for the Federal, Provincial and Municipal elections. 

This year the Municipal Election Debate will be held in the Killarney Hall on September 30, 2017 from 1:30 - 4:30 pm.

For each debate we have had a food association added as flavourful entertainment.

The serious aspect is our objective of having a politically literate community.

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